Royal Dream Is Your Trusted Agency To Delegate And Optimize The Management Of Your Villa In Puglia

We manage in Puglia Villas of owners who want to maximize the income of their property thanks to tourist rentals, even if they have no time and no knowledge of the market.

In fact, we have developed a turnkey service that allows you to put your villa on autopilot, we take care of everything.

The Royal Dream agency was founded by Vito Lacitignola, an expert in the field of Property Management for more than 5 years and Author of the book “The 10 Commandments of the Successful Host”

The deep knowledge and specialization in Property Management and Tourism Marketing are our secret weapons and the reason why we differentiate ourselves from other generic agencies.

For us, at the center of everything is the trust that our owners and our guests place in us every day, and that is what motivates us every day to give our best to make the difference.

In detail What do we do?

The first thing we do is to thoroughly evaluate your property through a tried and tested method to understand the potential and earning prospects that may exist.

We discover what are the strengths of each property and how we can best enhance them to differentiate them from competitors and make them unique.

Later when you proceed with the signing of the contract we prepare the property in the best possible way to take the photo shoot and welcome the guests.

We take care of all the bureaucracy, contracts, taxes, communications with the municipality for authorizations and the police lodged portal to declare each guest.

We also take care of your property by coordinating the cleaning, the maintenance of the greenery and the swimming pool.

We welcome guests and guide them step by step for their best stay in Puglia, offering through our best partners services such as: personal chef, massages, home shopping, excursions, tours and much more …

All you have to do is look at the incoming transfers into your bank account.

In any case, we provide you with a reserved portal where you can monitor the progress of bookings and earnings at any time.

In what cases can we help you?

If you have a villa and want to make an income

If you own a villa or a house by the sea in Puglia then we can help you make an intelligent income from your property thanks to tourist rentals, you put the property, we take care of everything else.

If you already do holiday villa activities

If you have a Villa and are already a Holiday Home business and want to delegate the management to a team of experienced professionals, then we can help you receive more bookings and automate the income of your property.

If you want to increase the income of your villa

We use the best travel marketing strategies to create highly persuasive ads that turn visitors into paying guests for your Villa.

If you want to increase your free time

We take care of everything! Our Complete Service allows you to relax, free yourself from all worries, and receive your monthly income without worries.

What measures do we adopt?

Unlike other agencies that “manage” holiday villas, we are not interested in abandoning the guests in the structure and leaving everything else to you, because we believe that the goal is not to earn once from these customers, but to make them loyal to the brand. a brand that makes them feel pampered and safe, that follows them step by step throughout their stay in Puglia, and that they can’t wait to return to your Villa.

Who do we NOT work with?

We can help many owners, but not all properties are suitable for the tourist rental market, if we do not believe that your property has excellent potential for the tourist rental market we will not be able to cooperate.

We DO NOT work with owners who are unwilling to keep their property in a safe and tidy condition.

We DO NOT work with owners who claim to earn unlikely amounts from their property by setting prices that are completely out of all common sense and market rules.


Why do we do all this? Because we like to explode the hidden treasure of the Apulian Villas ready to make happy guests from all over the world.

We enjoy when we identify a Villa with potential and we are the ones who manage to transform beautiful Villas into machines of happiness for our guests.

The greatest satisfaction is to make an owner’s Villa grow and we grow together with him.

If reading up to here you are convinced that we do for you, then what are you waiting for?

Leave the details of your property immediately on the appropriate page and find out how much you can earn by relying on us.